Today/Last night I was reminded about how very important sleep is in our lives. After a lovely dinner and evening chatting with my Warmshowers guests last night (which I wrote about here), I got all ready for bed, turned my computer off, and read for a bit to make myself sleepy, and turned out the lights about 1030 for be. Unfortunately for me, my brain was not ready, it was still writhing with energy thinking about a billion different things. I came up with blog ideas, drafted ways to tell my boss I’m quitting, went over my parents’ reactions to my post the other day, and before I knew it it was 3am and I was pretty sure I hadn’t slept a wink. Out of nowhere, my nose started running! I had to grab some tissue to keep by my bed as I lay there hoping to get at least a few precious moments of sleep.

No such luck. Around 5am my light started to come on (I have a dawn simulator type setup since I have to get up before the sun often). I decided to read a little of my current book, Paleo Girl (which I will probably write a review of once I finish it, but I’m enjoying it so far), and then get ready for the day. Let me just say that working a 10 hour day on no sleep is definitely no bueno! The entire day I just wanted to lay down and nap, was sneezing a bunch, and just wanted to eat bad food. It’s crazy how much a lack of sleep can affect you. The last day of my Yosemite trip I was sneezing and had a really runny nose; I assumed it was just because of my allergies, but I think the fact that I couldn’t sleep either night we were out there weakened my immune system. It’s really the only explanation because last night I was cozy in my bed, not traipsing through the wilderness. There were no external factors to have caused my runny nose.

So what does one do when they have taken the initiative to go to bed early but find themselves awake for hours? Beats me. I have heard many remedies and am willing to give most of them a shot:

  • Read a book
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Don’t eat too late
  • No caffeine within a few hours of going to bed
  • Don’t use electronics or bright lights an hour before bed

If I can’t sleep tonight I’ll have to give something a try. I know that I never drink caffeine, so that was not an issue, but I definitely wrote my blog post on my computer pretty late and ate pretty late as well. I’m hoping tonight goes better, and I know for sure I will be trying harder in the future to get more/better sleep.

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