Selling my Stuff

Hello again! I’m still in the process of finding the right family. It’s a lot of sorting through profiles, and writing tailored messages, but I think it will definitely be worth the effort to get the right family.

In the meantime, the guys on my current favorite podcast (Listen, Money Matters) have posted a challenge. The challenge is to sell all the stuff you don’t use/need! This is perfect, because I’ve been meaning to sell my stuff already anyway. I posted a couple of things to Facebook yesterday, coincidentally, and Friday I’ll spend the morning taking inventory of all the things I’ll sell.

I’m hoping to get rid of all the clothes I never wear, my desk I don’t use, an ottoman, tv, microwave, blender, bullet, and who knows what else. I’ll be putting all the money into my emergency fund in Betterment. I’ve been trying to build that up in case my plans go south.


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