Rob Greenfield

Today, as I was listening to my favorite podcast, I learned about a remarkable man. Rob Greenfield is basically an activist adventurer determined to help people diminish their negative impact on our planet. I spent hours this morning reading all about his journeys across the US by bicycle with no money, raising awareness about food waste, and all of his other amazing projects. I have been inspired and now have a new plan for my life in the near future.

There is about 3 weeks of serious work coming up that I feel I should stick it out for. After that, I want to do a backpacking trip to Sykes Hot Springs with some new friends, then continue on foot to my hometown for Thanksgiving. After spending the long weekend with my family, I would like to travel up to Portland to visit another friend. I’d like to walk/hitchhike/carshare up there in about a week. Then spend some time there and return to my family for Christmas. And back to my home after the New Year.

I haven’t sorted out the details for this trip yet, but I’d like to do it spending the least amount of money possible. In further posts I’ll flesh it out. When I come back I’ll work on selling/donating the rest of my belongings. Some personal items I’ll pack up into my car and take to my mom when I go back after my lease ends in March.

The next step is to spend some time WWOOFing! I still want to travel and experience different cultures, but I now care much less about the needing to earn money while doing it part. There are some minor expenses I’ll have to cover while I’m gone, but I believe my savings should be enough. I’d like to use my miles to fly over to Europe and then use WWOOF and other resources to travel all over Europe, and maybe Asia and Africa as well. When I return, I’d like to see the rest of the Americas as well. Maybe I’ll do a bike tour from Alaska to Argentina like I’ve wanted to do for a long while.

After all my travelling (or in between, who knows!), I’d like to either work for a company or start a company that assists people with retrofitting their homes to be more sustainable. Maybe I’ll learn things throughout my travels that I’ll be able to apply to this. But I really want to help the world realise that they can be less wasteful, more sustainable, live simply, and still be extremely happy.

I’m really excited to be starting my journey so much sooner than expected! I will be fleshing out my plan and posting progress and other updates and learning experiences here as they come along 🙂


  1. Rob Greenfield

    Glad I was able to inspire you! If you are ever in San Diego let me know and if I’m around we can make a dumpster dinner!

  2. Diane Murphey

    Hey Girl; I’m excited for you!You sound like a responsible person, finishing the next 3 weeks, etc. Putting a plan out there is terrific. I’m 54 years old and doing a slow disability thing. The creep of diminished mobility and fatigue have gripped me. I never regretted any of the fun, life experiencing things I have done when I was younger. You are onto a mission for others as well as yourself. Peace be with you.
    Go to a travel clinic and get area specific vaccines and meds just in case.

  3. GREAT!! What fantastic vision you have. ANYTHING we do for our planet is a good thing – it needs all the support we can give. AND do something like this when you have the flexibility in your life that is required. You might want to look at couch as a resource for places to stay.


  4. Katie

    Here is how I look at things, do this, what you want to do right now…and you will have no regrets. Don’t do it and you will always wonder how it may have been. I quit my last full time job a little over a year ago, one month in Costa Rica, 8 months in New Zealand, returned to Europe for an amazing summer and am now in San Diego – a place I’d like to call home for a while. I used my savings, worked a little doing jobs I ENJOYED to sustain my basic needs. No regrets. Let’s talk, I want to hear about your plans!

  5. That’s such an awesome idea! It’s also my goal to downsize and spend a lot of time slowly traveling the world, and getting involved in various organizations supporting the environment and women entrepreneurship. There’s always opportunities to make extra money so don’t stress on that, it sometimes just takes a little more creativity and utilizing your specific strengths and skills.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. now that you interest is sparked, the key is to get to work right away and it sounds like you’re on that path. you’ll be so stoked once you let your apt go…freedom. i’ve been living from my van for 4 years now and met Rob last year and have been super inspired and following his every move. i have my fears about leaving the comfort of my van for a long period on my bicycle, but i hope it’s in my future…

    i’ll be in the sykes area around t-givings time…. hit me up if you want a third… i’ve never done this one, due to the long hike…. cheers,kevin

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