PrimalCon Oxnard 2014!

I started my Primal journey back in March, and have been really excited about it. Unfortunately, nobody else I knew was particularly excited about it. It’s hard to make such a big change and have no one to talk to. So when I decided to attend PrimalCon this year, after only 6 months of living Primal, I was really excited to meet other like minded people.

Other than that, good food, and Darryl Edwards’ Primal Play sessions, I didn’t have any expectations for the event and showed up with a very open mind. At first I was feeling very shy, but I sat down next to someone and started talking with them and by the end of the night I’d met several new friends, including two girls from Australia who have a blog of their own, called  The Merrymaker Sisters. There was even a BBC documentary being filmed!

Over the course of the weekend I learned so much. From proper running technique and headstands to the healing power of food and some great conversations, my dedication to improving my life was renewed. I’m so grateful to everyone over at Mark’s Daily Apple for all their hard work!


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