May 18-21 Eugene to Waldport

Eugene to Walton –  38 miles

I woke up still pretty tired, but took off early. Stopped at REI to get a valve cap for my tire and ended up talking with this guy about touring. He wasn’t busy and offered to lead me out of town; it was great having company for a bit, and it’s always easier when someone knows exactly where we’re going so I was very grateful. He rode with me about ten miles, and then I was on my own again. I quickly started to feel pretty negative, not really sure why. I tried to console myself with snacks and stopped frequently.

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Eventually, I got to the gravel road that led to my host for the evening. I didn’t realize how much more difficult it would be do ride on gravel, but it was pretty scary actually. You have to be much more aware of where your tires are doing and where the weight is so that nothing slips. The last stretch had a pretty big hill, so I got off and pushed, but I was so exhausted my bike fell over and I just sat down and cried for a while. After shaking myself out of it, I made it the last half mile to the camp.


My hosts were awesome. They put me up in a yurt, offered me a beer, and showed me around their lovely property. They have an outdoor kitchen, a big garden, and a beautiful lodge. They invite different groups to come to the space as a campground. We had a lovely dinner together, and then I headed to the yurt for some shut eye.

– 37.763 miles
– 7.8 mph
– 5 hours riding, 8 hours traveling



Walton to Florence – 39 miles

Woke up still exhausted and considered asking to  stay another night. Had breakfast with my hosts and got packed up. The man I rode with the day before had told me the section of the road I was on past Walton was very dangerous, and when I asked my hosts about it, they agreed and offered to drive me out to a safer road. I was so grateful!


This was a better day, not in a hurry really, just wanted to get to the coast. I rode along this beautiful river and considered going swimming, but I didn’t want to deal with wet clothes and there were houses too close for skinny dipping so I kept going. Along the way I kept  seeing little waterfalls here and there, and everything was soooo green. It felt like being in a rainforest, which I mean basically I was.


Nearly to the top of the biggest hill of the day, a man in a truck offered to drive me a ways. I said no since I was almost to the top, but as soon as he drove away I was cursing myself; why was I making it harder on myself?? A number of times, I considered just camping out halfway. In the end, I kept going and finally made it to Florence around 7:30pm, just before sunset. I was so excited! Found a campground to set up for the night, ate dinner, meditated by the beach, and hit the hay.


– 39.292 miles
– 7.9 mph
– 5 hours riding, 7 hours traveling


Florence to Waldport – 35 miles

After two hard days, it felt great to finally be on the coast! I packed up leisurely, meditated, and set out around 10:30. I wasn’t immediately hungry, so I decided to ride until I found a nice ocean view to have breakfast. Definitely a good decision, breakfast with an ocean view after a couple mile ride is wonderful. Along the way, I saw 6 cyclists: one couple, 3 boys, 2 boys & a girl who stopped to chat. She was great, her bike and gear had all kinds of cool stickers and patches.I need to personalize my stuff more. I told her my intended destination, but she told me about a great hiker/biker site just outside of Waldport, so I decided to make that my destination for the evening. Stopped for some mint fudge and a water refill at some sea otter place. Passed a road called Diversity Dr. Interesting. There’s not much diversity out here actually…It started to rain as I got close to a campground near Waldport, but they said they had no hiker/biker! I asked if there was one nearby and they told me there wasn’t until Florence. Considering I had just met some cyclists that day saying they had in fact stayed at a hiker/biker site, I decided that this guy was either mistaken or lying. Despite the rain, I knew the next campsite had to be within 10 miles so I kept going. 1 mile later, I found it! A great campground with hiker/biker sites. At 7pm it was time to pitch the tent and call it a night!


– 35.085 miles
– 6.6 mph
– 5.25 hours riding, 8.5 hours traveling


Rest – 1 Day

This was a day for getting things done: washed my clothes in the bathroom sink and hung them from some trees to dry, sewed up some pants I’d torn on my gears from not rolling up the pant leg, wrote some letters to my friends and family, tuned up my bike, rode into town to check out Waldport. In town I found a cool bike shop run by volunteers with some stories about cycling in Portugal. They recommended lunch at the Salty Dawg (which was great!). Ran into some Australians who said they would be at the campground that night, so I picked up some cookies and wine to share. On my way back to camp, I met a German at the bike shop and we rode to the campground together discussing routes and previous trips. The Australians never showed up, but we enjoyed the goodies anyway. After a stroll and some meditation on the beach, I was pretty tired and ready to turn in.


You can find more pictures here!

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