Goal Check-In (1/2015)

To hold myself accountable, I will post a monthly check-in to see how my goals have progressed, note any necessary goal changes, and to record new goals.

January: Quit
It was tough, but I finally told my boss about my plans. We’ve had a couple of discussions over the last month, and while he’d rather I stayed, he has agreed to my 6 month leave. I made it official Friday by calling the leave of absence number and confirming the dates. Four more working days! The hardest part has been telling my coworkers that I’m leaving. I really like the group of people I work with, and I will definitely miss them. What I have learned from this experience (and many before it) is that if you are dreading having a certain conversation, putting it off for tomorrow usually just makes it worse. Better to rip off the band-aid and get it over with so you don’t stress about it for days or weeks. Even if the outcome is bad, at least you know what it is and can move on.

February: Minimize
Since I have a route now, I know how much time I have for this step, and it turns out it’s only a couple of weeks! I don’t have that much stuff, but selling things takes time. To meet this goal, I plan to:

  1. Pack everything I need for my trip
  2. Pack everything I want to keep and leave with friends
  3. Sell, give away, use, or donate everything else

I’m most worried about selling my car. It’s very important that that happens because I can’t afford to be making those payments for months. Other than that, it’s mostly just clothes that I need to sell. Still feels pretty daunting.

March: Finalize
This goal is actually being pushed up into Februay due to travel plans. I realized I’ll need to leave sooner than I anticipated if I want to make it to Davis in time for a Spring Break road trip with one of my best friends. To meet this goal, I need to:

  • Research weather along my route to make sure I have appropriate clothing
  • Send Couchsurfing and WarmShowers requests
  • Buy tickets for Cali Creek Alt Blues Recess
  • Request ride to Vipassana Meditation Retreat
  • Acquire any other gear necessary
  • Acquire necessary maps, find out where bike shops are
  • Practice/learn potential repairs

April: Leave
As mentioned before, this has moved up. I will be leaving around March 1st on my expedition! That month will be all about adjustments; figuring out what works, what doesn’t work, what I need or don’t need. I’ll still be pretty close to home, so if it turns out I really messed something up I could easily rectify a mistake.


  • Read 12 books to increase my knowledge of different subjects, and to relax
    • The Martian
    • The Gift of Fear
    • Deep a Survival
  • Incorporate 1 vegan day/week to reduce my consumption of unsustainable resources
    • 3/4 weeks
  • Stay with a stranger (Warmshowers, etc.) to make a new friend
    • Missed opportunity, but did host a non bike tourer from Couchsurfing
  • Help someone in need just because
    • Hmmmm…..
  • Write 1 post/week (even if there’s no internet to post it immediately) to practice writing
    • 3/4 weeks
    • This should increase when I stop working and then probably decrease while I’m on the road
  • Eliminate Nightshades from diet completely to reduce the inflammation in my skin
    • Difficult at first, but extremely successful. Significant difference in skin irritation (more info to come)


So far so good! I have made good progress on the goals set for myself, and even moved some up. I will also be setting some goals for my upcoming trip. It occurred to me that I would like to do something good with my trip besides just writing about my own experiences. Stay tuned for info on that, and in the meantime how are your goals doing? Don’t forget to check in on yourself so you know if what you’re doing is working or if you need to make a change.


  1. Diana

    No nightshades??? Gahhh! I would die. But, I understand not everyone is the same. I decided to try gluten-free for a month see how it went because everyone is talking about the dreaded inflammation! The jury’s still out on whether or not it makes a difference. In about a week I can eat wheat again to see how I feel. I figured it wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 OMG, we really haven’t talked in awhile, have we!?

    • DancingStina

      We haven’t! I’ve been gone a lot. Giving up nightshades was really difficult the first week, because I didn’t realize how many things have some kind of nightshade, but once I figured out what I couldn’t eat it was kind of easy. I just reminded myself of how I would feel if I ate it. I have an immediately noticeable reaction to tomatoes so it wasn’t hard to imagine (I love tomatoes and really wish I want allergic, but I prefer having clear non itchy skin much more). I have been transitioning to gluten/grain free since last May, and I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where it’s not hard. I don’t crave the things I used to crave, I have tons of energy, I feel great. How have you been feeling not eating gluten?

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