Finding a Host Family

The first step in my journey to become an AuPair is to find a family! I’ve been searching on GreatAupair for the right one. At first I was just looking at every family, but I found myself looking through way too many so I started to think about what I actually wanted:

  • To live with a family of a different culture (different language preferable)
  • 1-2 Children ages 1-4 (maybe older)
  • Work <25 hours per week
  • ~$200/week

Once I’d decided that, it was much easier to narrow down the search results and find families I would actually be interested in joining. I’ve now set up my profile with information about me, my interests and experience, and exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve also looked through the families that are out there and messaged a few. I’m completely new at this, so I’m learning as I go.

I was really excited about one family, and since I had had a few emails with them, I was a little afraid to talk with other families. After talking with a friend, though, I realized that I need to be talking with several families because talking is not a guarantee. it’s better for me to tell a couple families that I can’t work for them after all than having the only family I talked to for a month tell me they’re going with someone else.

If you’re curious, I’ve determined that I need approximately $200/week to cover my expected expenses. I’m not 100% sure what my expenses will be, so there’s margin in there, but I’m accounting for food, travel, my student loan payments, insurance (which is really just a guess at this point), a phone bill of some sort (not really sure how I’ll deal with that yet, something to add to the list).

I recognize that this is going to be a slow process, but I have faith that everything will work out. It always does!


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