March 8-14 ~ Final Preps

Sunday (3/8) was train day. For some reason I thought I could also squeeze in attaching
fenders to my bike in the same day. So I was at the bike kitchen until right before I
needed to go to the train station. My friend dropped me off at the station with all my
gear, and the box that I got for free from the bike shop (the station charges $15). Since
I’d done it once before, I thought getting the bike in the box would be no problem,
remove pedals, front wheel and handelbars and that’s it. Nope. Had to remove those
plus the back wheel, the seat and a fender. A nice man at the station helped me lift the
remains into the box and fit all the parts in. Fortunately I had told myself the train left at
3:00 when it actually left at 3:35 so by the time it was all situated, I wasn’t late. Also,
apparently bike trailers are in the grey area between carry on and checked luggage; they
let me carry it on and didn’t charge extra. Train ride was quite relaxing, and after getting
picked up by my mom, I had dinner with some family.

ย The next day was all about getting the bike back together! Spent an hour being
thorough; checked all the components, adjusted stuff. Gears needed work, shifting was
all over the place. I tried to follow my little guidebook, but it was out of my league. Also
the rear fender was too long so the trailer would push it into the tire. Fortunately,
the bike shop in Salinas was nice enough to cut it short enough for me and fix up my
gears for a small fee ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides more family and friend visits, I got my taxes done, set up some more hosts,made an REI trip or two, packed and that was it, I was ready for my journey to start again! (3/14)


Meant to post this sooner, been getting behind what with all the enjoying life and stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Also had some pictures, but can’t find them…

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