Acro Fun

Today was the second time having an AcroYoga Meetup in Lompoc! Only one person came again, but he’s a cool guy. We tried the few poses we started with last week: Folded Leaf and Bird. Both were much better! Then we tried Whale and I think Reverse Bird. We also tried to transition from Reverse … [Read more…]


Today I received a message from a great family! They have three children and a dog. They live in the country in Italy. Their profile includes descriptions of their amazing children, their expectations of me, and what daily life in their household would be like. The pay is less than I was hoping for, but … [Read more…]

Selling my Stuff

Hello again! I’m still in the process of finding the right family. It’s a lot of sorting through profiles, and writing tailored messages, but I think it will definitely be worth the effort to get the right family. In the meantime, the guys on my current favorite podcast (Listen, Money Matters) have posted a challenge. … [Read more…]

Finding a Host Family

The first step in my journey to become an AuPair is to find a family! I’ve been searching on GreatAupairĀ for the right one. At first I was just looking at every family, but I found myself looking through way too many so I started to think about what I actually wanted: To live with a … [Read more…]

Blog Post #1

Well here it is, my first blog post! IĀ started this blog to share my thoughts and experiences of my life journey. Right now I work as an engineer. While I’ve been making good money, and gaining experience, I’m wasn’t completely happy. About a month ago, my boss gave this speech at work about all the … [Read more…]