May 11-17 ~ Back to the world

Rejoining the real world after that 10 day session was interesting. I returned to Portland determined to incorporate meditation into my daily life. The first few days were great, I meditated when I got up and before sleeping, and felt pretty relaxed about it. Headed down to Eugene via bus to spend a few days … [Read more…]

April 29-May 10 ~ Vipassana Retreat

I have mentioned before about the meditation retreat I would be going to the beginning of May. I realize that I didn’t really know much about meditation before. I just thought you go take 5 minutes to clear your mind and that would help you sort out life’s issues. However, whenever I tried this, my mind … [Read more…]


Hello everyone! Sorry I have been somewhat sparse with my posts lately, been a little caught up in my adventures. I have been asked by several people if they can donate money for my trip, so I started a GoFundMe campaign. Sharing my travels on my blog is a way I hope to share my … [Read more…]

April 9-12 ~ Portland

Portland was an interesting place. Good dancing, good food, good people. By the time we arrived by bus it was dark and it was time for dancing so I didn’t see much of the city. The next day a few of us drove out to where the bus was parked and helped get it situated … [Read more…]

April 1-8 ~ Recess

Recess was amazing. I have been dancing for many years, but this was my faorite event to have gone to ever. The people attending were super welcoming, the culture was inviting, open and aware. I felt that no matter how I chose to express myself I would be accepted. This is not to say I’ve … [Read more…]

March 8-14 ~ Final Preps

Sunday (3/8) was train day. For some reason I thought I could also squeeze in attaching fenders to my bike in the same day. So I was at the bike kitchen until right before I needed to go to the train station. My friend dropped me off at the station with all my gear, and … [Read more…]


A few months ago, I wrote a post about the opposition I faced when telling people about the changes I wanted to make in my life. Well, after having been on my leave for a week now, I still receive negative or unsupportive comments occasionally; but I have decided not to focus on the negative. While … [Read more…]

My Last Day

Today (2/5/2015) was my last day at work. It was both sad and exciting, but not quite as dramatic as I expected. I sought out all of my coworkers to be sure that I said goodbye, but for the most part the world kept turning. I hadn’t really thought much about how I would feel … [Read more…]

Goal Check-In (1/2015)

To hold myself accountable, I will post a monthly check-in to see how my goals have progressed, note any necessary goal changes, and to record new goals. January: Quit It was tough, but I finally told my boss about my plans. We’ve had a couple of discussions over the last month, and while he’d rather I stayed, … [Read more…]

2015 Bike Tour Route!

Finally, I have outlined the route I plan to take for my tour! Below is my tentative schedule for the next few months. Note: Dates and destinations subject to change, approximations made using 50 miles per day average estimate and always rounded up, 1 rest day every 4 riding days. March 2-10: Lompoc-Salinas (211 miles, … [Read more…]