May 18-21 Eugene to Waldport

Eugene to Walton –  38 miles I woke up still pretty tired, but took off early. Stopped at REI to get a valve cap for my tire and ended up talking with this guy about touring. He wasn’t busy and offered to lead me out of town; it was great having company for a bit, … [Read more…]

May 11-17 ~ Back to the world

Rejoining the real world after that 10 day session was interesting. I returned to Portland determined to incorporate meditation into my daily life. The first few days were great, I meditated when I got up and before sleeping, and felt pretty relaxed about it. Headed down to Eugene via bus to spend a few days … [Read more…]

April 29-May 10 ~ Vipassana Retreat

I have mentioned before about the meditation retreat I would be going to the beginning of May. I realize that I didn’t really know much about meditation before. I just thought you go take 5 minutes to clear your mind and that would help you sort out life’s issues. However, whenever I tried this, my mind … [Read more…]

April 17-21 ~ Eugene

Eugene, Oregon is a beautiful place. You can walk for ten minutes and find yourself in the woods, yet somehow still in town. There are delicious places to eat, people who care about the Earth everywhere, lots and lots of bike paths. Desi and I made breakfast together most of the days I visited and … [Read more…]

April 13-16 ~ Portland to Eugene

Portland to Salem – 37 miles Stayed out a little too late dancing the night before, so I got a late start, even had to pack the morning of. It was a lovely day, and I had a good idea of the direction I was going thanks to my map and some directions from my … [Read more…]

April 9-12 ~ Portland

Portland was an interesting place. Good dancing, good food, good people. By the time we arrived by bus it was dark and it was time for dancing so I didn’t see much of the city. The next day a few of us drove out to where the bus was parked and helped get it situated … [Read more…]

April 1-8 ~ Recess

Recess was amazing. I have been dancing for many years, but this was my faorite event to have gone to ever. The people attending were super welcoming, the culture was inviting, open and aware. I felt that no matter how I chose to express myself I would be accepted. This is not to say I’ve … [Read more…]

March 27-29 ~ Ishi Wilderness

Rest – 3 days  The plan for this part of the trip was to spend a couple days/nights out in nature with an old friend, Danielle. Thursday morning, she and her boyfriend Scott and I went into town to climb a giant tree first. Apparently, there’s this huge park in the middle of town; it’s … [Read more…]

March 23-26 ~ Vallejo to Chico

Vallejo to Davis – 55 Miles After a night watching orchestra performances with my host Bruce (who turned out to be an old Trombone instructor of a friend of mine at UC Davis!) and his friends, I woke up early and prepared for a long day of riding. It had rained the night before, but the … [Read more…]