April 17-21 ~ Eugene

Eugene, Oregon is a beautiful place. You can walk for ten minutes and find yourself in the woods, yet somehow still in town. There are delicious places to eat, people who care about the Earth everywhere, lots and lots of bike paths. Desi and I made breakfast together most of the days I visited and I explored town, read, and blogged while she was at work. And in case you were wondering, yes there was dancing. Eugene has a Thursday night Fusion dance, and had a special Friday Tango dance while I was there.


My favorite part about being in Eugene was how well everything just worked itself out when we didn’t stress about it. The canoe trip had a lot of “I hope this works”, but we took our time, had a Sandy (beer with lemonade) and sorted everything out. we managed to find the second paddle, strap the canoe to the roof, pick up the right amount of snacks, and even got back in time to watch some GoT.


The last couple of days were for gathering gear, and getting ready to head out. On the 21st, Matt and I explored the bike paths and then had an awesome late afternoon meal before I biked out to Junction City to meet Desi and ride up to Portland with her. It was kind of a dreary day, but fortunately it didn’t actually rain (just a lot of drizzle). I found a bar to hang out while I waited, and then Desi and I loaded the car, and headed to Portland!

More pictures here!

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