Acro Fun

Today was the second time having an AcroYoga Meetup in Lompoc! Only one person came again, but he’s a cool guy. We tried the few poses we started with last week: Folded Leaf and Bird. Both were much better! Then we tried Whale and I think Reverse Bird. We also tried to transition from Reverse Bird to Reverse Bat, but we didn’t quite get that one…. 🙂 It was really great learning and trying new moves. I worried at first that since I didn’t know a lot he would get bored and quit, but he’s enjoying it too. We looked up moves on YouTube to try out. I even based him! Last week he didn’t think that I could base him, but this week I made him give me a chance and it was great. Folded Leaf worked out the best, which I was glad about because he got to experience the rejuvenating side of Acro. Today was a long day at work and I was feeling tense, but after an AcroYoga session I felt so relaxed.

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