2015 Goals

I know, I know, I haven’t posted in over a month! Been dealing with several issues. But now that a new year has arrived, and I’m back in my own room, I feel more settled down and ready to prepare for what’s to come. I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions (why wait until the new year, start when you decide), so instead I’m setting some small goals today (January 4th) for the next couple of months, and a couple big ones for the year.

January: Quit
In a previous post, I wrote that I had decided to quit my job immediately. Conversations with family, and complications at home and work have prevented me from doing that as of yet. However, I’ve decided tomorrow is the day I talk to my boss. My goal for this month is to ask my boss for a 6 month leave of absence (in case I wake up in a month and change my mind). I plan to do it tomorrow. If all goes well, my last day of work will be February 5th, the day before my 25th birthday.

February: Minimize
I have way too much stuff. This month will be all about selling/donating the things that I won’t need on my trip. I plan to keep maybe two big boxes of sentimental things or stuff I might need in a year, everything that I’ll be taking with me, and nothing else. So excited!

March: Finalize
This month is all about polishing off my travel plans. Well polishing off the outline. I will decide what exactly I will be doing, and make any necessary travel plans.

April: Leave
After months of waiting/planning it’ll be time to really go!

-Read 12 books
-Incorporate 1 vegan day/week
-Stay with a stranger (Warmshowers, etc.)
-Help someone in need
-Write 1 post/week (even if there’s no internet to post it immediately)
-Eliminate Nightshades from diet completely


Ok I guess they are kind of New Year’s Resolutions, but I hope to make the changes I listed permanent, and it’s completely coincidence that it’s the beginning of the year right now. I’m not perfect, I may mess up here and there, I may not accomplish all the things I want to, but by having goals and writing them down, I will get closer to completing them. Hopefully my next post will be tomorrow, about how the talk with my boss went. See you then!

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