2015 Bike Tour Route!

Finally, I have outlined the route I plan to take for my tour! Below is my tentative schedule for the next few months.

Note: Dates and destinations subject to change, approximations made using 50 miles per day average estimate and always rounded up, 1 rest day every 4 riding days.

March 2-10: Lompoc-Salinas (211 miles, 5 riding days, 4 rest days)
March 11-14: Salinas (4 rest days)
March 15*-17*: Salinas to Mountain View (111 miles, 3 riding days)
March 18*: Mountain View (1 rest day)
March 19*: Mountain View to Oakland (45.2 miles, 5 hours riding)
March 20*-21*: Oakland to Davis (82.5 miles, 2 riding days)
April 7*-April 28*: Davis to Portland, OR (800 miles, 16 riding days, 3 rest days)
May 18-30: Portland to Seattle (474 miles, 10 riding days, 2 rest days)
June 2-4: Seattle to Vancouver (169 miles, 3 riding days)

Option 1 (unlikely)
June 8-August 4: Vancouver to Anchorage (2235 miles, 45 riding days, 12 rest days)
August 11-19: Anchorage to North Pole (375 miles, 8 riding days, 1 rest day)
August 21-October 10: North Pole to Calgary, Canada (1971 miles, 40 riding days, 10 rest days)

Option 2
June 10-26: Vancouver to Calgary, Canada (619 miles, 13 riding days, 3 rest days)
June 28-July 15: Calgary to Yellowstone (680 miles, 14 riding days, 3 rest days)
July 19-22: Yellowstone to Craters of the Moon (174 miles, 4 riding days)
July 24-30: Craters of the Moon to Salt Lake City (276 miles, 6 riding days, 1 rest days)

Option 2a
August 3: Fly back to Lompoc, start working again

Option 2b
August 3-21: SLC to Denver (720 miles, 15 riding days, 3 rest days)

*Pretty solid date due to desired side trip


    • DancingStina

      Thanks Lars! I’m so glad I could inspire you 🙂 I will definitely be passing through Los Altos Hills so I’ll be in touch!

  1. Alex Baxter

    When your riding through Northern Cali (Davis-Portland on the tentative schedule), give me a call and you can stay with me if you would like in one of your rest days! I love you and I want you to know how truly inspired I am by what your doing! I don’t know what route your taking, but there is an exit off of the I-5 here in Redding for Portland!

    • DancingStina

      Thanks Alex! I’ll definitely let you know when I decide the specifics 🙂 I’m so glad to hear I could inspire you, I hope what people take away from my trip is that everyone had within then the capability of fulfilling their dreams, they just have to decide to do it.

    • DancingStina

      Thanks Ashley! I actually have just revised my plan a little so I will be up in the Chico/Davis area for about a week at the end of March, so I may be taking you up on that 🙂

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